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All Band Amateur Radio Transceiver
Yaesu’s FT857 for total versatility. All mode coverage HF,VHF & UHF (NZ version offers out-of-band coverage) Ideal base, mobile or portable. User friendly menu operation.
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Diamond HF Vertical Antenna
This 6 band (80-10M) vertical is ideal for the amateur, keen on HF DXing but with a limited space for antennas, as it requires no ground. Like all Diamond antennas it’s quality construction ensure durability and trouble-free assembly.
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AOR8600 MkII
AoR Wideband Receivers/Scanners
Professional technology is available in this affordable all mode wide-band scanner/receiver. No gaps coverage LF – UHF. Easily configured memory banks ease of operation and computer-compatibility make it perfect for the most demanding sticky-beaker or for professional use.
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MFJ Antenna Tuners
MFJ Antenna Tuners
We have available a wide range of both manual and automatic ATU’s essential to ensure careful matching of your modern broad-band solid-state transceiver to your antenna. This is a pre-requisite for efficient operation of your station. A versatile antenna tuning unit is an essential accessory in all amateur radio stations
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