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MFJ’s 1.5 KW Versa Tuner III lets you use your barefoot rig now and add up to a 1.5 KW linear amplifier later.
Why settle for a 300 watt tuner when a few extra dollars lets you step up to the more powerful 1500 watt MFJ-962C?
Two continuously variable capacitors give you the precise control you need to get your SWR down to a minimum. Plenty of inductance gives you the widest matching range possible.
A new peak and average reading Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter makes tuning quick and easy.  At one glance you can read SWR, forward and reflected power.
A new directional coupler gives you more accurate readings over a wider frequency range and has no frequency sensitive adjustments.
Handles 1500 watt PEP.
Meter light requires optional 12 VDC Adapter.
A 6-position ceramic antenna switch lets you select 2 coax lines (direct or through tuner), random wire and balanced lines.
You get a heavy duty 4:1 current balun connected to ceramic feedthru insulators–it lets you operate high power into balanced feedlines. For highest Q and the most compact size, the wide range airwound inductor is mounted horizontally away from metal surfaces for efficiency and maximum power into your antenna. Measures
10x4x15 inches.

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