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The world’s only 300 Watt AirCore™ Roller Inductor Tuner.
Get your SWR down to absolute minimum — something a tapped inductor tuner just can’t do. Continuous coverage 6 Meters thru 160 Meters.
The New MFJ-969 has MFJ’s superb AirCore™ Roller Inductor and continuous 6 Meter through 160 Meter coverage!
Has All the great features of the MFJ-949E — the world’s most popular 300 Watt antenna tuner!
AirCore™ Roller Inductor
MFJ-969’s AirCore™ Roller Inductor, three digit turns counter and spinner knob gives you exact inductance control.
Get absolute minimum SWR — that’s something a tapped inductor can’t give you.
MFJ’s exclusive AirCore™ Roller Inductor has an air core that can’t burn up! You
get ultra high-Q, the lowest loss, highest effieciency, and highest power handling of any roller inductor in ham radio.
MFJ’s exclusive Self-Resonance Killer™
keeps potentially damaging self-resonances away from your operating frequency.
Large self-cleaning wiping contact gives you excellent low-resistance connection without contact arcing or burning.
A solid ¼ inch brass shaft with self-align bearings gives smooth non-binding operation.
Continuous 6 Meter – 160 Meter Coverage
The MFJ-969 covers all frequencies from 160 Meters – 6 Meters, including the ‘magic band’ — the widest matching range of any full featured antenna tuner.
Match Any Antenna
You can match dipoles, verticals, inverted vees, random wires, beams, mobile whips, shortwave receiving antennas — nearly any antenna at all. You can use either coax cable or balanced feedlines.
Everything you’ve ever wanted in a tuner
You get . . . a 300 Watt full featured antenna tuner, widest matching range, lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter, QRM-Free PreTune™, 8 position antenna switch, built-in 50-Ohm dummy load and heavy-duty 4:1 balun — all in a tough, scratch-proof cabinet.
Handles 300 Watts SSB PEP.
3½ x 10½ x 9½ inches. Meter lamp requires12 volt DC Adapter.

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