MX2000 Triplexer

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MX2000 Triplexer HF 50/144/430MHz

Dimensions: 86Wx25Hx64Dmm
Weight: 360g
Passband width: LPF/1.6 to 60MHz,BPF/110 to 170MHz,HPF/300 to 950MHz
Power rating: LPF/800W(PEP),BPF/800W(PEP), HPF/500W(PEP)
Isolation loss: LPF/Less than 0.15dB,BPF/Less than 0.2dB,HPF/Less than 0.25dB
Isolation: More than 60dB
Impedance: 50ohms / VSWR:Less than 1.2:1
Connector: (MIX)M-J/(50)M-P/(144)M-P/(430)M-P
Coaxial cable: 5D-2VS(35cm)

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