CX210A Heavy Duty Coax Switch

CX210A Heavy Duty Coax Switch

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CX210A Wideband heavy duty coax switch

Dimensions: 71Wx57Hx42Dmm
Weight: 440g
Frequency range: DC to 1000MHz
Impedance: 50ohms / Connector:M-J
VSWR: Less than 1.05:1(DC to 500MHz),less than 1.1:1(500 to 1000MHz)
Insertion loss: Less than 0.05dB(DC to 500MHz),less than 0.1dB(500 to 1000MHz)
Isolation: More than 70dB(DC to 200MHz),more than 60dB(200 to 1000MHz)
Max.power rating: 1.5KW

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