Yaesu FTDX 1200

Yaesu FTDX 1200

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Yaesu FT DX 1200 HF/50 MHz 100W Transceiver

The NEW FT DX 1200 Transceiver is the latest addition to the Yaesu family of fine Amateur Radios, incorporating an up conversion design with sharp edged crystal roofing filter technology at 40.455 MHz These features provide outstanding receiver performance which is a heritage from the FT-DX5000.

The built in 4.3″ TFT wide screen format full colour Hi Resolution Display with a wide viewing angle with many selectable information sources provides superior operability and visibility for the FTDX1200 user. A RF spectrum scope located at the bottom of the display give the operator all the information needed to complete that contest QSO.

FT DX 1200 Brief Description
Rugged 100W Output Power on HF and 6M – SSB/CW/AM/FSK

A Highly balanced receiver circuit inheriting the design concepts of the Yaesu FT DX series

Triple Conversion circuit configuration implements optimized gain distribution

Receiver front end Blocks powerful out of band signals using 8 band pass filters

IPO functions allows selection of the optimum RF Amplifier circuit configuration for each noise and signal circumstance
IPO    RF characteristics substantially improved by feeding the signal directly into the mixer
AMP1  The most common configuration feeds the signal via one RF amplifier for  improved sensitivity
AMP2  Cascades both RF AMP1 and AMP2 in series when sensitivity & gain on the higher bands is considered essential.

Roofing Filters for 15KHz, 6KHz and 3KHz fitted before the 40.455MHz 1st IF
The 3KHz roofing filter is very effective at attenuating interfering signals. Sharp 4 element MCF’s are fitted with excellent
distortion characteristics. By incorporating a 3KHz narrow roofing filter before the 1st IF stage strong out of band interfering signals have been sufficiently attenuated, thus reducing the burden on the later stages and improving adjacent multi signal handling characteristics.

Highly Stable, High quality local oscillator signal injected into the 1st IF Mixer
The local oscillator signals are derived from an highly accurate TXCO and high resolution DDS and PLL local oscillator
configuration. Standard Fundamental oscillator is fitted with a ±0.05 ppm TXCO Excellent frequency Stability across a wide temperature range.

Acclaimed IF DSP is powerful, versatile and effective in real time operation
Using 32bit high speed floating point DSP processor TMS320C6727B by Texas Instruments similar to the one used in the FTDX-5000 and FTDX-3000 series. This 300MHz DSP processor directly applied to the 30KHz 3rd IF provides high QRM rejections performance for the actual signal through the acclaimed superior Yaesu algrothyms.

Contour, Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), IF notch functions
Standard Yaesu DSP functions for Contour, DNR and Notch functions provide the tools necessary for ensuring the best signal can be received by tailoring the audio response, reducing noise and by notching frequencies at the IF.

Final Amplifier supplies high quality stable high output
The final amplifier using two RD100HHF1 MOSFETS in a push pull configuration delivers a consistent 100W and can deliver superb high quality emissions with little distortion and fewer spurious and other unwanted signals.

High Speed Automatic Tuner includes 100 memory channels
The FTDX1200 Antennae Tuner is a digital controlled tuner switching L and C component to provide a match between the antenna and the radio. Tuning data is automatically stored in the tuner 100 channel memories and automatically recalled as the radio is tuned across the band for the best matching point at that frequency.

Parametric Amplifier for superior audio quality on Transmit
The Modulation circuit utilises digital variable modulation through DSP, thus realising superior transmission quality. An incorporated equalisation function allows for transmission signal bandwidth adjustment and various adjustments relating to transmission audio quality.

Two receiver compatible Antenna connectors
The two antenna connectors allows for complex aerial configurations for contest and DX working where separate aerials for RX and TX are required and can be quickly and easily selected  by pushing a button on the front panel. The current configuration is shown on the TFT screen at all times.

Huge TFT full Colour Display
Superior panel layout is a characteristic of Yaesu transceivers and the display of the FTDX1200 is no exception to this.Considerable design effort has been expended to provide an easy user experience when using the FTDX1200.

The most important meters during communication and frequency examination are displayed in the  central area with the various transmission and reception function displays arranged around that.
Everything is in direct view and the effects of any operation can be visually confirmed, thus allowing stress-free concentration when operating for long periods of time.

  • Graphic display enabling intuitive QRM rejection
  • Choose between an Analogue meter display or Digital Bar Graph Meter display
  • Display of Transmitting and Receiving status and basic VFO-A and VFO-B settings
  • ASC (Automatic Scope Control) Standard automatic sweeping high speed spectrum scope in line with dial operation
  • Cursor Keys make operation selection easy

Main Dial with Variable Torque Adjustment
Rotating the outer ring of the main dial whilst holding the dial steady increases or decreases the rotational torque needed to move the dial giving the operator the instant adjustments to match their preferred preference.

µTuning Kit for super sharp selectivity in the 160m, 80/40m and 20m bands are supported by the FTDX1200

For the CW enthusiast
CW Zero-in Display
CW APF (Audio Peak Filter)
Separate CW jacks Front and Rear
Electronic keyer with memory and autoincrementing serial number function with FH-2 optional keypad.
CW Spot feature and more

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