SX400 SWR-Power Meter

SX400 SWR-Power Meter

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The SX400 measures forward and reflected power and VSWR

Frequency range:140 to 525MHz
Power display range:5W 20W 200W
Accuracy at full scale:5W Range ±10%(F.S),20W Range ±5%(F.S),200W Range ±5%(F.S),(Add -10% of full scale at 220 to 420MHz,add +10% of full scale at 450 to 525MHz)
Minimum power at SWR measurement:4W
Insertion loss:Less than 0.1dB(140 to 250MHz) Less than 0.2dB(400 to 470MHz)/less than 0.3dB(525MHz)
Measurement function:Forward RF power,Reflected RF power,SWR,PEP monitor
Connector:M-J – SO239

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